I have been drawing casually my whole life, but it wasn’t until sometime around 2011 that I began to take art seriously. After this I was accepted to Gnomon School of Visual Effects, endured a minor fiasco at the American border, was unable to attend school, and returned to my small town in Alberta, Canada. I made the choice to study on my own instead of re-applying to other schools and have been studying and applying myself passionately since. As a huge fantasy and sci-fi enthusiast, my work usually involves these topics. Being interested in human characteristics, complexities and subtleties above all else, my artwork tends to focus strongly on people.

When I’m trying to avoid painting, I can be found wrapped up in anything from classic novels to Wikipedia articles, practicing Wadō-ryū karate, binging on vampire movies, prepping and planning my D&D campaign, or playing video games poorly. I also care for a rescued salamander who is my greatest fan and supporter.